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Quit smoking with hypnotherapy – only £295

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Quit smoking with hypnotherapy

The average price of 10 cigarettes is roughly £8.82. If you smoke q0 cigarettes per day, you will spend approximately £61.74 per week which is £246.96 every four weeks farmbrazil.com.br. If you pay £295 to quit smoking, you will recover the hypnotherapy fees in just under 5 weeks. If you quit smoking with hypnotherapy you will save approximately £3,210.48 per year (calculation based on smoking 10 cigarette’s per day), that’s more than the price of an average holiday which you would enjoy much more with more energy and better health.

Clients who have stopped smoking have described their experiences below:

Click on the link to watch my client describe her experience when she stopped smoking with hypnotherapy.


The £295 includes a second appointment which can be used up to 1 year after your initial appointment

Many hypnotherapists offer a second appointment which is included in the price however many only offer that appointment for a up to three months after the first appointment.  I offer a second appointment for up to one year after the initial appointment; the reason is simple – I really want you to stop smoking.

Call me on 07834761882 for a consultation; the first 30 minutes are free.

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