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Can anyone be hypnotised?

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Most people can be hypnotised although some people can be hypnotised more deeply and more easily than others. You cannot be hypnotised against your will; it simply won’t happen if you don’t want it to. Hypnosis is most successful with clients who are open-minded about trying hypnosis and willing to participate. Having a good rapport with the hypnotherapist is essential for you to allow yourself to become hypnotised. The hypnotherapist’s role is to facilitate hypnosis; however, the ease with which you become hypnotised depends on your willingness to be suggestible, meaning you are open to being influenced. The success of hypnosis relies on your suggestibility to the hypnotherapist’s words plus your ability to focus your mind and concentrate. Our minds are alert during hypnosis, therefore our minds are able to reject anything the hypnotherapist says which does not resonate; likewise our minds will accept words which are beneficial and in line with the goals for changes agreed during therapy.

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